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WHAT IF... this was it?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I have a tendency to overthink things so to get off the hamster wheel I ask myself:

WHAT IF you already know all that you will ever learn?

WHAT IF you couldn’t make another friend?

WHAT IF you couldn’t travel to another country (except Jamaica to see my parents)?

WHAT IF you couldn’t buy another book, piece of clothing or household item?

WHAT IF you couldn’t move home again?

WHAT IF the company you’re at now was your last employer?

WHAT IF this was your best life - what would you do next?

I would take more risks and stop worrying about what others are going to think.

I would stop permitting fear to silence my voice.

I would write A LOT more and share more stories.

I would look for adventure right where I am.

I would compare myself less to people I don’t know and draw more closely to the beautiful friends and family I actually do have.

I would sing louder and dance harder without worrying about whether I’m in tune or keep to the beat.

I would read all the books I have over and over again.

I would model all the fabulous clothes I do have.

I would have more parties.

I would stop waiting to be invited to the table.

THIS moment IS my best life. This is it - at this moment - so I am working on not giving so much time to what I think I should do or have and instead work with what I have in my hand and heart because the truth is I have so much.

I wonder what you would do …

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