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WHAT IF ... it's not too late?

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

I have dreamt of being a model long before Naomi Campbell was discovered by a scout when she was 15. I was just 10 but the way my life was set up - raised by conservative Christian (all white wearing, full immersion kinda Christian - those who know, know!!!) West Indian parents and I told myself there was just no way this dream of mine was ever going to be realised.

You see back then I attended a church that frowned upon women wearing makeup, jewellery, trousers and putting anything besides Ultra Sheen in their hair. Despite being taller than the average girl and the perfect size to hang clothes on, my 10-year-old self believed that becoming a fashion model would only ever be a dream. Luckily for me, raised as an only child, dreaming was something I was really good at so I kept the dream alive in my heart. I mean, I was born to wear fashionable clothes - am I lying?

In every decade of my life, I have been asked if I modelled or why I wasn’t a model. I kept dreaming and even stuck a picture of one of the oldest supermodels, Carmen Dell'Orefice, on my dream board to remind me that it’s not too late.

So when Sinclair London asked me if I would do a photoshoot for them with just 24 hours notice what was I to do? Firstly, I regretted eating a double bacon cheeseburger, six chicken nuggets, medium fries and an apple pie the night before. I kid you not. And why oh why hadn’t I been to the gym all week? My recent big chop needed a re-fresh too but I had waited 44 years for this opportunity so despite my feeling I wasn’t ready I said yes and went with what I had in my hand (and on my hips). God wouldn’t need to ask me twice!

I can now honestly say: “I am a model”. Yeah, yeah, I know it was just one photoshoot but I’ve only had one child and no one can tell me I’m not a mother, okrrrrr!

So if you feel it’s too late to realise the dream or dreams you have - I have a question for you: What if it’s not?

Besides things have changed and keep changing - I mean, I now wear jeans to church and I may have worn shorts once too but please, I beg, don’t tell my mum!

Silk scarf @sinclair_london

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