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New Arrival

At last.

I have wanted to start blogging again for months now. Maybe I should round those months up into years. At least three years - ok, four! Why now? Well, I have this crazy, big fat dream to speak to a stadium of women, host a TV chat show like “The Real” and write books. However, this crazy, big fat dream of mine evolves from a blog. My blog. This blog. Is my dream too big? I truly hope so. I want all my dreams to be so ridiculous that I nervously laugh and inwardly ask “Really, P?” (I’m an only child so talking to myself is as natural to me as my grade 4c afro hair).

So, here I am. Writing. Again.

Perfectionism, cousin of procrastination, has robbed me of starting too many things. I had this notion that before I went “live” with this blog that every little detail would be in place. I can say as a Personal Assistant this of itself isn't a bad thing as this trait really works for me supporting dynamic and demanding executives but everything has its place right? I wanted to have at least five posts already written waiting to be posted. I wanted to have my “brand”. I wanted to have a collection of stylish photos (not selfies) and at least 50 Canva created quotes ready to go like corn kernels hitting hot oil!

Yeah, but, no.

None of these things are in place. I don’t have a schedule of topics I’m planning to share with you or a timetable of how often I will post. Will this be a serious blog? I don’t know – depends what you find serious. I love style (not necessarily the same as fashion) and may share my list on how many looks you can recreate with a white shirt, skinny jeans and heels (I know them all!). I have a thing about Champagne - please don't mix it up with prosecco or cava as they're NOT the same. I'm passionate about legacy and what it is we are sharing with our children that they will pass on to their children. And I’m definitely serious about bullying – in the workplace and the playground because I've been a victim of both.

So, it could be about anything and everything.

What I do know is this: I have a voice and stories to tell from a plethora of experiences. Like why I resigned from a comfortable job with no job to go to. You will find my season with two lovers – Jack and Nic - err ... surprising. I also have stories to share about being a mother to Mini Me my twenty-something daughter (who blatantly rolls her eyes when people ask if we’re sisters - I’m not mad at that at all!).

So let’s do this *air boxing*

Please come by often; and promise me one thing: when I speak at my first stadium event you will stand up when I ask “Who remembers when I started my blog last year?” Okay, I’m rolling my eyes at myself inwardly but you never know, you just never know.

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2 commentaires

19 janv. 2019

I’m excited about the prospect of your truth inspiring truth in others. I’m excited about chatting champagne and heels (which we ALL care about!) to de layering behaviours that potentially harm and inspire. Glad you’re here again, sharing in the indomitable, sophisticated way that only you can. Thanks P x


19 janv. 2019

Stadium... Why not? With drive and ambition anything is possible, right? (PS - a front row ticket for me please?)

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