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It's time to speak up

Believe it or not, the much younger version of Paulette was so afraid to use her voice. Growing up I didn’t have many opportunities to speak up for myself and despite having an army of cousins, I often remained on the sidelines while they battled verbally with each other like freestyle rappers!

I just didn’t have any confidence in my own thoughts to produce words so I remained silent. I wouldn't speak up when I thought I knew the answer. I didn't speak up when I knew I had a great idea or thought. I couldn't speak up when there was injustice towards me or someone else. Too much has been left unsaid over the years.

Finding your voice is a journey and one I am still cultivating but like anything you have to start somewhere, right? Undoubtedly, you will get it wrong at times and that’s really okay as it takes time and courage to refine your voice but as you start using that muscle it will get stronger. And you will be heard.

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